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About us- Nitien Parmar, Vastu Consultant & Numerologist

We at Vastuconsultant.com has a team of experts who have successfully enriched thousands of lives through effective vastu planning & its implementations. Our experts are responsible for vastu planning for thousands of families, homes, businesses, building constructions, Plots, Hospitals, Institutions & Hotels worldwide since 1991.
Our vastu expert team consist of experienced, renowned and respected consultants as a leading and most authentic vastu expert globally.
We has developed a techniques to accommodate all types of locations- from small apartment to large industries, residential project & hotels.
We offer a unique service with personal attention to each & every client based on their needs & style without compromising on basic vastu principles. We have earned a reputation of delivering positive result by enriching people’s life with abundance in peace and prosperity. As a full time vastu consultant we have done vastu layout for new as well as renovated projects around the world.
On each day we continue to improve upon the knowledge we have gained thorough practical interaction with our clients, and pursue a mastery in our practice. Abundance, positive space and efficiency for all is our aim. We are vvery passionate about creating a life supporting spaces.
Vastu is best when implemented in the initial stage of construction & designing, but it can also be applied to a existing properties as well to support your vision.
As an internationally renowned vastu expert, we have provided our services through the India as well as in countries & cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Muscat (UAE), London (UK) Washington, New jersey, Indianapolis, San Francisco, San deigo, Chicago(USA), Germany, China, Bangkok, pattaya (Thailand), Colombo (Sri lanka), France, South Africa & Japan.
We have worked with many reputed Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers, Land Scape architects etc. on various residential & commercial projects.
We publish a bio-monthly bulletin & e-newsletter “Ancient science for Modern World” for our valued clients.
Mr. Nitien Parmar, A chief consultant at Vastuconsultant.com has written hundreds of articles on vastu which are regularly published in DNA newspapers. He has also penned few articles in newspaper like MID Day, Mumbai Samachar, Gujarat samachar, Konkan Kinara etc.
We are currently based in Mumbai (India) and works with clients all over the world through remote consultations. Our expertise in understanding a relationship between internal and external space has helps our clients in enriching their life in positive way. Our consultation is based on making a unique combinations of traditional vastu norms with modern life style practice.

Our clients includes apartment & villa owners, schools, showroom & shops, industries, commercial buildings, hospitals, resorts, restaurants, cafes & religious ashrams. vastuplus offers authentic consultation services to residential and commercial locations through long distance consultation, on site consultation and personal consultations.



team member
Nitien Parmar Chief Vastu Consultant

Nitien Parmar is supported by the team of experts who looks after vastu designs, Clients Feedback, I. T., Marketing and back office work.

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