Vastu remedies for Apartment or flat

A flat or apartment is a great housing option, as cost of living in apartment is less in a flat accommodation compared to an independent villa.
One of the main advantage of living in a flat or apartment is the availability of several layers of added security, especially in a big residential complex. Modern building now has a CCTV cameras near the entrance, and in the lobby of each floor.
Due to the shortage of space, a flat or apartment has a limited scope to follow a vastu principles.

Vastu defects in the apartment or flat:-

Missing corner (North East, South east, South West )

Kitchen, Toilet or pillar in the center of the house

Location of main door in negative direction

Slope of flooring towards south east or south west

Bed room above the kitchen of the lower floor

Mirror reflecting a bed

Extended corner (North West, South east, South west)

Kitchen in the North east or south west

Toilet in the North east or south West or north

Location of bed room in north east or south east

Dining or bed room below a toilet of upper floor

Negativity in the house

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