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vastu remedies A selenite crystal attracts angelic energy in to your life and links you to your souls purpose. Place it near your working desk in office.
vastu remedies Peridot crystals has power to protect your from jealousy and anger, reduces stress and remove negativity.
vastu remedies A powerful rose quart tumbled stone or natural rock with amethyst brings harmony in life, repairs the broken relationship and brings love in your way.
vastu remedies In ancient Egypt, Malachite was powdered and applied to wounds to prevent infections.
vastu remedies A black tourmaline rock or smoky quartz crystal helps in reducing electromagnetic or geopathic stress in your personal surrounding.
vastu remedies Wearing a Tiger Eye Bracelet stabilises mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension.
vastu remedies Carrying a Lapis Angel guard against psychic attacks, Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace.It protects the perosn from black magic.
vastu remedies People who regularly uses an amethyst angel are said to fascinate others with their personalities and charisma. It gives access for the energy to flow uninterruptedly, clearly and keep things energetically balanced and activated.
vastu remedies People who regularly uses an Red jasper bracelet is excellent for actors, performers to bring best presentation in front of audiences.
vastu remedies Howlite is an excellent stone to calm mind due to overactiveness. Wearing a Howlite bracelet formulates ambitions, both spiritual and material and aids in achieving them.
vastu remedies Most recommended Amethyst is said to attrat justice and protet against burglars and thieves.
vastu remedies A personal guardian Yellow Angel is use for new opportunities in business or career. It also aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring wearer happiness, wealth, health, and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness.
vastu remedies An Aquamarine creates personality that is upright, persistent and dynamic. It sharpens intuition.
vastu remedies A Sun stone may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting.Keep Sunstone with you at all times if you have difficulty saying "no" to people, and you continually make sacrifices for others.
vastu remedies A Multi colour good luck bracelet is believed to bring a multiple opportunities in life.
vastu remedies A Citrine natural crystal which is mined from earth and its yellow color which is also earth element color multiply the earth luck, and therefore becomes the most potent wealth luck enhancer.
vastu remedies A Hematite is highly effective as a grounding and protective stone. Mind, body and spirit are balanced. It is beneficial for matter related to legal issues.
vastu remedies Wear black tourmaline bracelet to protect yourself from negative energy from the negative people Wear black tourmaline bracelet for strong protection against the back biting /policticking by other staff.
vastu remedies A stone of ambition and drive, Carnelian is a Power Stone! Excellent career stone, it is very helpful in making choices and decisions.
vastu remedies A Lava gives access for the energy to flow uninterruptedly, clearly and keep things energetically balanced and activated.
vastu remedies A Smoky quartz aids acceptance of the physical body and the sexual nature, enhancing virility and cleansing the base chakra so that passion can flow naturally.World best known stone for protection from negativity
vastu remedies Sulemani enables the wearer to distinguish between false friends and true ones. It brings prosperity and creates an appreciation of nature. Sulemani protects children from envious eyes.
vastu remedies A Turquoise is believed to be activating and strengthening body defence. Turquoise is used throughout the world as an important gem stone. It has a reputation for protection.
vastu remedies Cats eye stone safeguards the wearer against all hidden enemies and related negativity. Cat eye is great for the people who are in the field of health care, science and technology, media & entertainment, engineering, writing, printing, designing & architecture. Politicians can bring revolution after wearing a good cats eye. Cats eye is a most favoured stone with individuals who love to speculate or gamble. It helps people who are risk takers and adventurers. Cats eye helps in problem related to Disinterest in food.
vastu remedies A Fire agate ds sexual endeavors, fires up the base chakra and stimulates vitality on all levels. It could be useful to you if you would like to conquer a fear of sexual intimacy, as it is also said to stimulate sexual energy.
vastu remedies A Garnet is said to be able to warn of approaching danger and long ago was carried as a protective talisman.
vastu remedies Honey crystal is a stone that gently amplifies & channelize energy. Wearing a Honey crystal bracelet brings decision making abilities.
vastu remedies One of the most important characteristic of the labradorite is the ability to protect the auric field and prevent energy being drained by other people. Wearing a labradorite bracelet effectively prevents this excessive loss of energy.
vastu remedies A Lapis stimulates enlightenment and enhances dreamwork and psychic abilities facilitating spiritual journey and stimulating personal and spiritual power.
vastu remedies Moon stone is known as a stone of new beginning. moon stone is pefect gem stone for the women.
vastu remedies A Rhodonite heals emotional shock and panic. It is extremely beneficial in case of emotional self-destruction and abuse. It is a useful first aid Stone.
vastu remedies A Snowflake obsidian helps you to recognize and release wrong thinking and stressful mental patterns.
vastu remedies A Sodalite protects from the electromagnetic pollutions and can be used while working near the computers for many hours.
vastu remedies Unakite is a stone of vision. Wearing a Unakite bracelet brings the abundance. It is also know as a stone for the professionals & businessmen.
vastu remedies Yellow Aventurine is a wonderful stone for deflecting jealousy. It protect your from people who makes you a subject of gossip. It helps you overcome embarrassment when eating alone in public. Yellow Aventurine is an excellent crystal for the workplace to encourage the completion of tasks that have been put off.
vastu remedies Pyrite is known as a money magnet. Always carry Pyrite stone to attract business or career opportunities.
vastu remedies Wear a Red Tiger Eye Bracelet when you want to add vitality and passion to any project you are working on.
vastu remedies A Crystal grid connects the energies of specific crystals with the heart healing stones to help utilize its full potentials. It protects from the negative environment & negative people.
vastu remedies A Photo healing pyramids are excellent to use for distance healing for your loved ones. Place photo of person needs a healing between the square stone & photo healing pyramid .
vastu remedies A Black agate stones are used for protection, courage and success Black Agate is a powerful healer, also encouraging fertility. It protects new life and therefore its an excellent stone during pregnancy.
vastu remedies Crystals help you to get a good nights rest and sleep through the night. Restful Nights healing bag contains Amethyst, Quartz Crystal and Rose quartz which brings calming and soothing energies that help to have a pleasant sleep.
vastu remedies Use Abundance Crystal Bag contains powerful crystal specially selected to attract abundance of all forms of life.
vastu remedies Most recommended Amazonite is known as a stone of abundance & prosperity, it attracts good fortune.
vastu remedies A wonderful lodolite brings you all that your heart desires as this is a powerful manifestation crystal.
vastu remedies A Prehnite stone always enables you to be prepared for any challenges in the life.
vastu remedies Carrying a Yellow Angel is use for new opportunities in business or career. It also aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring wearer happiness, wealth, health, and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness.
vastu remedies New Attract job crystal bag contains powerful crystal specially selected to attract wonderful job opportunities for you, a big step in your career. It is ready to open a door for your wonderful career.
vastu remedies Green aventurine is belived to help bring in good fortune, money, abundance and overall happiness. Green Aventurine is also popularly known as a stone of opportunity.
vastu remedies Garnet helps you to let go of useless or old or obsolete ideas. Wearing a garnet bracelet a opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence.
vastu remedies Wearing a Red jasper bracelet stimulates passion in one's creative work hence it brings focus and self mastery in new ideas along with freshness.
vastu remedies Dalmatian stone helps to move you forward in life with planning and actions with care. Keep Dalmatian pyramid on your working desk.
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