Personal vastu remedies & tips

Personal Vastu remedies & tips

vastu remedies for slope

Personal Vastu Remedies & Tips
vastu remedies For kitchen & toilet door opposite to each other, Fix three Vastu Copper pyramid strips on the door frame of toilet & kitchen.
vastu remedies For tall building or mountain in east or north of the house , Fix three or nine Vastu Copper pyramid strips on the house boundry.
vastu remedies For Anticlock staircase in the house or office, Fix Clockwise copper arrow on each step of staircase.
vastu remedies Bed in the wrong direction can be corrected by placing vastu energy plate under the matress or bed.
vastu remedies A stove (gas) in the wrong direction can be corrected with vastu copper swastika behind the gas & harmony crsytals in wooden bowl near stove.
vastu remedies Improve foreign travel luck ( overseas job, export business or travelling)by placing crystal shankha under the pillow while sleeping.
vastu remedies Bury 11 Gomti Chakra in the foundation while making a new house or renovating existing one.
vastu remedies Place pair of Marble Elephants above the main door to attract auspicious energy in to home.
vastu remedies Keep brasss metal shankha towards the north east corner of the house for any vastu defect related to north-east.
vastu remedies Play Sinigin bowl or Tibertan Bell with stick in the entire house to clear off negative energy.
vastu remedies Keep Vastu Ship near the entrance facing inward to bring abundance & prosperity in life.
vastu remedies A house having wall opposite to main door is a vastu defect. Keep Blessing buddha facing the main door for peaceful energy.
vastu remedies Use vastu copper corners to correct irregular shape of the house or plot.
vastu remedies Use Copper golden chips in the cash box, pass book or safe to enhance wealth luck.
vastu remedies Use Vastu Bricks for irregular shape of the house, wrong location of bed rooor bed sharing toilet wall .
vastu remedies For overhead or high tension wire above the premises, borewell under the premises, heavy transformer or mobile tower around the home, use Vastu geopathic stress pyramidfor protection.
vastu remedies Use wooden wish pyramid to convert your dream in to reality. Simply place your wish wirtten in paper and place inside the wooden pyramid to connect with cosmic energy.
vastu remedies Use Navagraha pyramid in all eight zone and one centre of the house while making a new house.
vastu remedies Enhance north east corner of your house or office with Water pyramid.
vastu remedies To brings good luck & prosperity of entire family keep Kamdhenu Cow in south east corner of your house.
vastu remedies To bring abundance in weatlh keep idol or murti of Lord Kubera towards the north sector of your house.In office, Lord kubera can be placed near the cashier or accountant cabin.
vastu remedies To improve academic performance, higher grade in education, better memory & skills, keep idol or murti of Goddess Saraswati on the study desk.
vastu remedies Toilets or missing zone towards the east can be corrected copper sun or Brasss Sun on the study desk.
vastu remedies For blessing of goddess lakshmiji, place pair of lakshmi charan on the threshold of the house.
vastu remedies For good luck in examinations, use prosperity pen with auspicious symbols like kalasha, swastik & shubh laabh engraves on the pen.
vastu remedies Energize your main door by placing Vastu Mangal above the main door.
vastu remedies UseCar Pyramid on dash board of your vehicle for safe journey & positive journey while driving or traevelling.
vastu remedies UseBlack agate tortoise in north zone of your house or office to improve your business or career.
vastu remedies Fix Vastu swastika on computers for positive result .
vastu remedies For serious vastu defect, use Vastu Mahayantram in the home temple or north east corner of your premises duly blessed.
vastu remedies For south or south west door, fix Bahubali Hanuman Yantra above the door from outside. It also gives protection for suffering from inauspicious period.
vastu remedies Most effecctive shri yantra made from shriparni wood called Shriparni Shree Yantra helps in improving financial luck.
vastu remedies Protect your house from negativity by placing pair of Protection symbol on main door of office or home.
vastu remedies Keep Crystal Kalasha in prayer room which symbolizes wealth & success for the family.

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