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Highly effective & research based New, Exclusive & Latest Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui products, Healing Crystals !

Crystal Vastu

Energize your space

Crystals makes your space more pleasant, energizing and nourishing which in turn harmonize & flourishes every area of your surrounding & life.

Vastu Enhancers


Enhance Home for Goodluck

Using a vastu enhancer brings positive vibrations, tremendous success, and huge abundance in personal as well as professional life..

Vastu Remedies Correction

Ways to realign your space

Vastu remedies and corrections removes negative impact of vastu fault & improves the flow of positive energy as well as vibes in the surroundings …

Feng Shui Remedies

Remedies for Modern Home

Feng Shui remedies and cures to keep the negative energies at bay and attracts good fortune, harmonious relationship & positive changes in life.

Personal Crystals


Enhance Home for Goodluck

Some crystals are essential for personal growth. Carrying or wearing a natural crystal with you reduces stress, tension & unnecessary.

Vastu Pyramid

A Cosmic Pyramid Power

Pyramid energy is a life force called a cosmic energy which allows for the pyramid to become a kind of cosmic antenna that tunes into.

Highly effective & research based New, Exclusive & Latest Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui products, Healing Crystals ! Read Case Studies

New Arrivals

Vastu Space Harmonizer

Powerful Vastu Solution-Your space harmoniser -Design of the vastu yantra pyramid is derived from the ancient scriptures & Texts.This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree in the area of 100 meters..

Geo Stress Copper Pyramids

Geopathic Stress is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. ..

Beautiful sun for Vastu

Every vastu symbols brings a certain kind of luck. It is important to place them correctly. A sum made in brass is excellent vastu harmonizer when placed on east wall of the home, office or factory. Ancient people have ….

Copper Helix (Vastu Energy Helix) This helix is specially design to activate & balance the fire (Agneya) element of south east corner. Place three or in multiple helix at south east corner. This is one of the superb remedy for fire defect like wrong locations of kitchen, main switches, inverter etc. Similarly in business places location of fire gadgets like transformers, electric panels, Boilers, pantry etc can be corrected by installing multiple copper energy helix in south east direction.

Blessing Buddha The main features of blessing buddha pose signifies courage and offers protection from fear and anger. his serene statue depicts Buddha with hand raised in the blessing mudra, a sacred gesture meaning no fear. His other hand rests peacefully in his lap in the Dhyana mudra holding a medicine bowl, a sign of inner balance and tranquility. Never place buddha on the floor Do not place on shelf sharing a bathroom wall Place buddha in your house ( nearest to the door) facing a main door.

Brass Elephants In Indian and Buddhist cultures, Elephant has been accepted as a symbol of huge strength, stature, Wisdom and courage. In Indian mythology, Elephant is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Indra – the king of heaven and lord of rain. Elephant is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth. 1. Excellent way to attract money luck by placing elephants in pair above the door.2. In office, place near the financial activities area.3. Can be used in multiple ways as a feng shui & vastu remedies

Sankat Mochan Bahubali Hanuman Yantra Super Strong protection for your home or office. Powerful yantra Design of the yantra is derived from the ancient scriptures & Texts This powerful yantra takes care of inauspicious period, inauspicious door location Highly recommended for south facing door. This yantra can be placed above the main door visible from outside

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