vastu remedies for plot

Missing corner (North-East, South-East, South-West or North-West cut) North East Missing Corner

North-East Missing Corner

  • Fix 3 or 9 zinc lead helix on the wall having a missing corner.
  • Also, install 3 or 9 zinc pyramid with the helix for a more powerful result
  • Since northeast cut indicates missing water element, making an underground water tank, borewell or water fountain will correct the north-east defect.
  • Northeast corner should be clutter free
  • Place vastu space harmonizer under the flooring at the northeast cut zone to bring balance in the plot.

South-East Missing Corner

South-West Missing Corner

  • Fix 3 or 9 Lead helix on the wall having a missing corner.
  • In addition to above fix 3 or 9 lead pyramid for powerful impact.
  • Keep citrine rock in south west corner to enhance earth element.
  • Keep natural quartz in the south west corner of the plot.
  • south & west boundary wall should be higher than north and east.

Extended corner (North East, South east, South West or North West cut)

North-West Extended Corner

  • Cut off the extended area by putting a 3 or 9 brass pyramid divider to cut off the excess area
  • Also install 3 or 9 brass helix with brass pyramid under the flooring.
  • Place lapis lazuli pebbles at north-west extended corner.
  • Keep aromatic plants at north west corner.

South-East Extended Corner

South-West Extended Corner

Vastu Remedies for Negative Location of Main Door

  • If door is located in north of north west, fix three vastu Brass Helix behind the gate. 
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  • If door is located in south of south west or west of south west , fix three vastu Lead Metal Helix behind the main gate. 
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  • If door is located in east of south east , fix three vastu Copper Triangular Helix behind the door. It can be concealed in the main gate frame also.
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Vastu remedies for open space 

Vastu recommends opens space towards the north & east direction of the plot. Less margin towards the north and east creates vastu fault and should be cured to save premises from its negative impact.

Vastu remedies for Open Space towards South or West

  • If there is a more open space towards the south than north or east direction of the plot, Put vastu strips on the south zone to reduce the south margin 
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  • Grow audumber tree towards the open space in the south west direction.
  • Make larger under ground tank in the north east zone of the plot. 
  • Grow Tulsi or amla towards the north east zone of the plot. 

Vastu remedies for water bodies

If properly applied, the water element can make a big difference. Water installed into a wrong direction might have the reverse affect on you and the inhabitants of your premises. The effects of a water body in a home are amazing. Following are the remedies for the wrong location of water body:- 

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