Vastu remedies for Bungalow (villa)

Villas provide independent living having a multiple bed rooms with privacy. Villa provides a greter degree of freedom and you can design a home as per your requirement and wish. Any future modification are easy to make in independent bungalow. People having deep interest in gardening have a space to build in their private house. These is always possibilities to expand the space ass per requirement in the future. In villa, there is always option to build a higher floor in the future whenever need arises

Vastu Defects in the Bungalow/Villa

Plot slope of flooring towards south east or south west

Irregular shape of the bungalow plot

Water body defect as per vastu

Missing corner (North East, South east, South West )

Extended corner (North West, South east, South west)

Dining or bed room below a toilet of upper floor

Bed room above the kitchen of the lower floor

Kitchen in the North east or south west

Toilet in the North east or south West or north

Kitchen, Toilet or pillar in the center of the house

Location of main door in negative direction

Location of bedroom in north east or south east

Negativity in the house

Mirror reflecting a bed

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