Crystal Remedies for Home

vastu remedies for slope


vastu remedies Enhance earth element of your home, by placing nine square yellow jasper cubes under the flooring at the south west corner. 
vastu remedies Black tourmaline is most popular stone for protection from the negativity. Keep Black Tourmaline nearest to you or at entrance to absorb and give protection against negativity from both people and electrical & magnetic fields. 
vastu remedies Crystal grid connects the energies of specific crystals with the heart healing stones to help utilize its full potentials. The crystal grid uses combined energy of healing power of stones and sacred geometry to create harmonious & loving vibrations in your personal location. 
vastu remedies Amazonite has a powerful filtering action. It blocks geopathic stress. Amazonite tumbled stones are very helpful in protecting microwaves & computer emanations. 
vastu remedies A negative and unwanted guest leaves negative energies to your space. Keep Smokey Quartz in the corner of room to clean, clear and then uplift the energy. Smoky quartz blocks geopathic stress and assists elimination and detoxification on all levels. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations. It brings positive vibrations to fill the space. 
vastu remedies For removing negative energies from the kitchen, place bowl on kitchen platform containing snowflake obsidian, amethyst &labradorite tumbled stones duly purified with rock salt. 
vastu remedies Place citrine crystals or citrine cluster in south east corner of your home to energize wealth corner 
vastu remedies A stress buster Blue lace agate near the bed side brings peace of mind. It neutralizes anger. Keep blue lace agate in bowl near the study desk of children calms the hyper active child. 
vastu remedies A powerful Fluorite is used to purify and detoxify both the spirit and space. So if your find too much negativity in your space, use fluorite tumbles in the living room. 
vastu remedies Aquamarine stone has a calming energies which reduces the stress and quite the mind. Wear aquamarine bracelet to feel positive in your personal surrounding. It also protects against pollutants. 
vastu remedies Lava stone, Since it comes from the mother Earth, it is said that it strengthens relationship with our planet. Wearing a Lava Bracelet cleanses Negativity from the body as well as surroundings 
vastu remedies Sodalite clears electromagnetic pollutions and can be used while working near the computers for many hours. Wearing aSodalite Bracelet is helpful for people who are sensitive to sick building syndrome or to electromagnetic smog. 
vastu remedies Green aventurine is belived to help bring in good fortune, money, abundance and overall happiness. Green Aventurine tumbled stones can be placed in south east corner of bed room to gain benefits. 
vastu remedies Beautiful Petrified wood is full of earth energy and hence wonderful stone to place in south west corner of the house. 
vastu remedies Use Nine plante pyramid grid in your meditation or worshiping area to bring peace in the home. 
vastu remedies Use bag of Wealth Crystals which combines the most powerful crystals for money Citrine, Aventurine and Quartz Crystal. These crystals for wealth will fill your life with abundance and prosperous energies. 
vastu remedies Want to sell your property faster with good rate. Most powerful Home selling Crystal Bag contains powerful crystal specially selected to attract the right buyer for your home or business location. 
vastu remedies Crystal are believed to bring peace in home if used in right combinations. A bag of peaceful home Crystals combines the most powerful crystals quartz crystal (energizing), Green Jade (growth) Lapiz (connectivity) Yellow quartz (balancing) & Rose quartz (harmony). 
vastu remedies A Restful Nights healing Crystals help you to get a good night’s rest and sleep through the night. 
vastu remedies Amethyst crystals give EMF protection from radiations and negative environmental energies. The presence of an Amethyst cluster or Amethyst tumbled stone placed next to your computer, TV or mobile can reduce a fatigue. Be sure to cleanse your crystals. 
vastu remedies Bring happy harmony in home by sprinkling water prepared withrose quartz. To prepare crystal essence, keep jar filled with rose quartz and mineral water for 12 hours on the window where it is bathed in sunlight. 
vastu remedies Shield your entrance with hematite rock. Keep it near the entrance to neutralize any bad energy that outside people bring with them.
vastu remedies Place moon stone tumbled stones near the neighbor’s boundary, if you are finding them noisy and frequently disturbing.

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Sankat Mochan Bahubali Hanuman Yantra Super Strong protection for your home or office. Powerful yantra Design of the yantra is derived from the ancient scriptures & Texts This powerful yantra takes care of inauspicious period, inauspicious door location Highly recommended for south facing door. This yantra can be placed above the main door visible from outside

Vastu Cures

Brass Elephants In Indian and Buddhist cultures, Elephant has been accepted as a symbol of huge strength, stature, Wisdom and courage. In Indian mythology, Elephant is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Indra – the king of heaven and lord of rain. Elephant is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth. 1. Excellent way to attract money luck by placing elephants in pair above the door.2. In office, place near the financial activities area.3. Can be used in multiple ways as a feng shui & vastu remedies

Vastu Cures

Blessing Buddha The main features of blessing buddha pose signifies courage and offers protection from fear and anger. his serene statue depicts Buddha with hand raised in the blessing mudra, a sacred gesture meaning no fear. His other hand rests peacefully in his lap in the Dhyana mudra holding a medicine bowl, a sign of inner balance and tranquility. Never place buddha on the floor Do not place on shelf sharing a bathroom wall Place buddha in your house ( nearest to the door) facing a main door.

Vastu Cures

Copper Helix (Vastu Energy Helix) This helix is specially design to activate & balance the fire (Agneya) element of south east corner. Place three or in multiple helix at south east corner. This is one of the superb remedy for fire defect like wrong locations of kitchen, main switches, inverter etc. Similarly in business places location of fire gadgets like transformers, electric panels, Boilers, pantry etc can be corrected by installing multiple copper energy helix in south east direction.

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Labradorite Bracelet One of the most important characteristic of the labradorite is the ability to protect the auric field and prevent energy being drained by other people. This sort of energy drain is usually an unconscious process between people who are in close relationship of some kind- family or co workers-where one person habitually absorbs the energy they need from the other.The second person feeling tired and drained. Wearing a labradorite bracelet effectively prevents this excessive loss of energy .

Feng Shui Corrections

Dragon Phoenix Coins are powerful coins engraved with the two special feng shui celestial animals dragon and phoenix , representing the union of the yin and yang. The four auspicious chinese character says, attracting genuine good luck and precious jewels into our lives. The outer circle of the coin symbolizes heaven and the square center the symbolizes earth. THREE coins tied together represent the Cosmic Trinity of heaven luck, Man kind luck and Earth luck.

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