Vastu remedies for Home Kitchen

Vastu dosh remedies for KITCHEN

vastu remedies for apartment

Vastu Remedies for the home:- Kitchen Vastu defect (North East, South West or Centre).

North-East Kitchen:-

  • Fix 3 or 9 zinc helix on the wall behind stove
  • Put himalayan crystal rock in wooden bowl near the gas
  • Place 3 vastu copper pyramid arrow on kitchen wall facing south east for virtual shifting of kitchen
  • Do not keep sink filled with dirty utensils.
  • Do not keep dustbin in north east corner of the kitchen
  • Keep vastu kalasha in north east corner of the kitchen.
  • Keep murti of goddess annapurna in rice jar
  • Place tulasi in kitchen window.
  • Keep alternate fire element in actual south east corner of the house. You can keep red jasper pyramid or red jasper pebbles as a alternate for fire element

South-West Kitchen:-

Kitchen in Center or Brahmasthan:-

Other Vastu Defects in Kitchen:-

  • Kitchen below the toilet of upper floor can be corrected by fixing copper corners in the ceiling facing downward.
  • Short distance between sink and stove can be corrected by putting a vastu strips on the wall.
  • Sink in the south east can be corrected by fixing a sriparni wood pyramid near the sink.
  • Gas in north east corner of the kitchen can be corrected by fixing a copper swastika behind the stove.

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