Long distance Email Vastu consultations are a very convenient & quickest way to avail vastu services for your home, office, apartment, flat or villa. We all are well connected with the smart communication gadgets and hence consultation is very easier & more accurate for both of us.

In order for us to conduct Long Distance- Email Vastu Consultations (online), We need a following informations:-
A. Floor plan or Rough sketch with measurement ( with accurate directions) of the site or Architect’s or builder’s plan.
B. Brief note about the surrounding of the site i.e. road, trees, river, mountain, lifts, staircase, religious places etc.
C. Photographs of the site covering important area, if possible.
By utilizing detailed questionnaires, accurate floor plans and compass directions, along with video & photographs, team vastuplus will analyze your space and provide you with a detailed report with suggestions on how to correctly implement vastu rules into your space.

Long Distance Email Vastu Shastra Consultation

Long Distance Email Vastu report will focus on following important area:-
A. Vastu Layout with two options
B. Strength of the premises according to vastu
C. Vastu cures for defect, if any
D. Improving a space for more prosperity & harmony
E. Internal placements
F. Surrounding vastu 
G. Energizing specific area requiring a more attention
H. Vastu element Bar chart & Zonal Chart
I. Using colours for harmony and positive vibrations
Plus 30-minute live Vastu consultation with you via phone or Skype
Telephone & Email Back-up support:-
We are always there to assist you after consultation should you have any queries in relation to the property you have consulted. We always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about.
We have conducted long-distance Vastu Shastra Consultations for our clients in major cities of India as well as overseas clients from Canada, Kenya, Nairobi, Hongkong, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Bangkok, Pattaya (Thailand), London(UK), Mexico, Switzerland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Houston, California, New Jersey, San Diego,(USA), Colombo, Sri Lanka, France, China, USA.

Long Distance Email Consultation Charges/Fees for Vastu services by E-Mail:-

Fees for Long Distance email consultation services are based on the size of the space (square feet) and what needs to be addressed in the analysis.
Send us information/Floor plan on info@vastuplus.com 
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