Vastu Remedies CASE STUDIES

Case Study – 1

I live on the second floor of my house where the ground floor is occupied by parents and my elder brother’s family on the first floor and behind my room another brother’s family. The layout of the second floor is enclosed. 
Kindly suggest remedies,
Pawan Kumar

vastu remedies for case study

Vastu Remedies/Corrections:

The kitchen at north east (major defect)

Fix Plus Value Vastu three copper shift arrows facing south east for virtual shifting.

Bed with head towards the north (major defect)

Place Plus Value Vastu copper energy plate under the bed. 

The door at south west (major defect)

Put three Plus Value Vastu lead metal blocks near the south west door.

Toilet at East

Fix Plus Value three Vastu energy partitions pyramid on the toilet door frame

Case Study – 2

We are beginning our interior work for a small flat in Mumbai. Kindly review and suggest remedies.
Kindly suggest remedies,
Kamlesh Makwana

Vastu Remedies Case Studies

Vastu Remedies/Corrections:

Stove in the center of house & sink in south east of kitchen (major defect)

Move gas at south east corner and shift sink at the center of the east. If not, keep Plus Value labradorite crystals near the stove and the Plus Value wooden pyramid on the sink wall. 

Bed with head towards the north (major defect)

Sleeping with head towards the north is highly inauspicious. For correction place Plus Value Vastu copper energy plate under the bed. 

Study desk facing south

Shift study table facing east from the south. Energize the study zone by placing Plus Value Education tower on the study desk.

Vastu Case Study – 3 (Via WhatsApp)

Vastu Remedies Case Studies

Vastu corrections:-
Kitchen towards the south west (serious Vastu defect)
Put Plus Value Vastu swastika on the wall behind the stove. 
Toilet towards the North East(major defect)
Fix Plus Value Vastu copper strips on the toilet door and Keep Plus Value Natural quartz in the toilet area. 
Fire missing at the south east
Keep Plus Value Kamdhenu as an alternate to missing fire at south east. 
Since the house has multiple Vastu defects:-
Place Plus Value Vastu mahayantra in the home temple.

Case study-4 (Via WhatsApp)

Vastu Remedies Case Studies

Vastu corrections for a duplex house:-
Staircase in the North east- Block the positive flow of energy
Stick three Plus Value Vastu silver-plated chips on each step of the staircase. 
Toilet in the center (major defect)
Fix Plus Value Vastu shifting arrow on the outer wall of the toilet. The natural quartz in the toilet area. 
The stove on the north wall of the platform affects the finances
Keep Plus Value Labradorite rock near the stove. 
The bed is located above the stove
Keep the Copper Energy plate under the bed.

Case study-5 (Via WhatsApp)

Vastu Remedies Case Studies

Vastu corrections for a house with North East Cut:-
More open space in the west than east (terrace)
Keep Plus Value Lapiz stones in the balcony area. 
North East Cut (major defect)
Keep Plus Value Vastu Space harmonizer in the north east corner. Also, keep Plus Value Mangal Kalash close to the north east to enhance the water element 
Missing fire at South east
Keep Plus Value Kamdhenu Cow in the south east to enhance fire element.

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