vastu remedies for removing negativity

Vastu remedies to Remove Negativity
from Home & Office

Feel like you have picked up some bad vibrations lately? Whether it’s due to exposure to negative surroundings or people. This may also be due to any serious Vastu defect in your premises. Cleaning and protecting your environment & personal aura is essential for spiritual hygiene. By using Vastu remedies, you can protect yourself against bad luck and frequent illness. By using Vastu remedies, you can protect yourself against bad luck and frequent illness. Vastu remedies help in deflecting polluted energies from the work environment.

Impact of Negativity:-

  • Bad Luck
  • Obstacles in Job or new business
  • Unstable relationships at Home or with Office Coworkers
  • Hyperactive children at home, executives at work
  • Arguments at Home with Wife or at office amongst staff members
  • Lack of concentration
  • Downward Academic Growth
  • Downward Business Growth
  • Lack of support from friends, relatives, business associates

Vastu Remedies & Corrections:-

  • Place Plus Value Vastu Energy Crystal Grid near your bed.
    Vastu Remedies for Negativity at Home
  • Clean your premises with Plus Value Vastu salt twice a week. If you are shifting to a new home or office, clean your premises with Vastu salt to drive away any negative energies of the previous occupant.
    Vastu Remedies for Negativity at Home
  • Hang Plus Value black tourmaline rock on the door to protect your premises from the evil eye.
    Vastu Remedies for Negativity at Home
  • Keep Plus Value natural black tourmaline rock near your desk to get protected from the negative aura of the people working in your surroundings. 
  • Keep Plus Value Vastu salt in four corners of your locations to have a positive energy
    Vastu Remedies for Negativity at Home
  • Keep Plus Value painting of sun on the east wall of the house or office to deflect any negative energy from your premises.

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