Vastu Remedies for Extended Corner

vastu remedies for north-west extended corner

Vastu Remedies for the home or Office:- Extended corner (North-East, South-East, South-West or North-West cut)

Vastu Remedies for North-West Extended Corner or North-West Extension:

  • Cut off the extended area by putting a 3 or 9 brass pyramid divider to cut off the excess area
  • Also install 3 or 9 brass helix with brass pyramid under the flooring or ceiling
  • Place lapis lazuli pebbles in cane basket at north-west extended corner.
  • Keep aromatic plants in the window at north west corner. 
  • Keep wind chimes of 6 pipes in the window at north west (wind element).
  • Use extended area as a store room .
  • Paint north west area with blue or white colour.
  • Keep lord kubera in north section of your home

Vastu Remedies for South-East Extended Corner or South-East Extension:

Vastu Remedies for South-West Extended Corner or South-West Extension:

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