Vastu Remedies for Overhead Beam

vastu remedies for overhead beam pillar

Overhead Beam Above the bed

Overhead beams create a serious Vastu defect in the home or business location. Beams generate very heavy energy. One has to be very careful about any overhead beam in the home or working space. Anyone sleeping under the beam could have bad luck because the beam carries the burden of the whole structure, which causes pressing down the fortune. Beam over the dining table is also considered to be bad. Students studying below a beam could not concentrate on their studies and performed poorly in their exams. Hence any kind of important activities like sleeping, working, or studying under the overhead beam should always be best avoided or cured by following strong Vastu remedies.

Vastu Remedies for Overhead Beam Pillar
  • Place three Plus Value Cork swastika on a beam facing downward. 
Vastu Remedies for Overhead Beam Pillar
  • Place three Plus Value sriparni wooden pyramids each on the side wall of the beam facing each other. It helps in neutralizing the negative impact of the overhead beams. 
Vastu Remedies for Overhead Beam Pillar
  • Hide the beam by making a false ceiling under the beam. 
  • If possible, avoid studying or working, or sleeping under the overhead beam.
  • Place a few glowing stars on the beam visible from the floor.

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